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As requested by an anon, here’s a few places where you can find massive lists of jobs and occupations for your characters. Feel free to scroll around these and find the perfect one for them. If this is useful to you, please, like or reblog this post and read this, thank you.

You still can’t seem to find the perfect job with these lists? Here’s a few surveys, just like the one high schoolers usually take that you could fill in character to see what would fit them the best.

Also take into account which college they went to, or could afford to go too. Maybe what kind of degree they got. Where they come from. What options, maybe, they considered when they were younger? You don’t simply need a job, you need to know where they come from, and how they got there. You need to understand that their job doesn’t change who they are, as a person, but gives them new goals and things to look forward to. And a doctor probably didn’t study the same things in the same colleges as a lawyer would!

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Challenges, Prompts and Development Sheets.


Want to write, but you don’t know what to? Here’s a few challenges, exercises or questionnaires I’d definitely suggest checking out!



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                 - m u n c h e s -

                                                   - m u n c h e s - 

   - m u n c h e s -

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Imagine your OTP kissing in a private area with the door unlocked, and person  A begins to unzipper/unbutton/rip/whatever Person B’s shirt, and one of their mutual friends walks through the unlocked door.

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Imagine if Person A wore glasses/contacts and had really bad eyesight. Then one day, something happens to their glasses/contacts, either they get broken or get lost, so Person B keeps having to get up close for Person A to see them. Bonus if the close proximity lets them sneak in wee kisses.

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Imagine your OTP go out for a picnic. Person A has spent a long time setting this up, and everything seems perfect… Until it starts to rain. Person A gets very upset about this, and is on the verge of tears, and Person B tries to calm them down. A keeps getting more upset, considering they were locked out of their car, and B finally leans over and kisses them in the rain.

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Their interaction in a nutshell.

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AU in which Yata is a part timer at a dog caretaker place and he meets Fushimi because the dog he was walking smelled Fushimi’s beef jerky and wanted some of that.

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We Had Us


  • Fandom: [K]
  • Characters: Yata Misaki, Fushimi Saruhiko
  • Genre: General, AU (Apocalypse)
  • Rating: T
  • Warnings: Implied character death
  • Prompt: Imagine A and B slow-dancing to a song during the apocalypse and they both know they’re going to die soon (from imagineyourotp).
  • Summary: They were all they have, and there they were, powerless and exposed under the imminent light of the flare illuminating their faces and crushing their hope while their feet danced —or tried to— to the rhythm of some melody Misaki didn’t even know.
  • Also in AO3.

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〔K missing kings〕



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We Had Us

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September 1st

Happy Birthday, Seri!

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I'm absolutely not interested in you
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Izumo: Don't fuck with the Black Dog.
Yata: I'm going to fuck with the Black Dog.
Kuroh: I literally do not have the time for you don't fuck with me.
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